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Easy Moves - Packers and Movers in Muzaffarpur

Welcome Easy Moves International Best Packers and Movers in Muzaffarpur! We are the explorers in the moving and packing industry and we offer 100% safe and high-quality moving services that are sure to leave endless impressions in the minds of our customers. We have personally made it competent enough to pick up your shipment from your doorstep from any corner of Muzaffarpur with the help of a well-established, widespread network in Muzaffarpur. We understand that their goods are valuable to you.

We have a highly professional and experienced team member that is well-trained to pack, unpack and transport, load, and unload anything. We are only your property to improve our services and provide good service to our customers. We are the best packers and moving companies in Muzaffarpur.

Professional Well-Trained Packing and Moving Services in Muzaffarpur

Because of this superior living and high maintenance, Muzaffarpur people have always sought quality in their work and no compromise has ever been made in terms of services. of Moving and Packing Services in Muzaffarpur services for everyone, our department, the best packers and movers in Muzaffarpur, excels in providing exceptional moving services throughout the city.

Worldwide Accredited Moving and Packing Agency

Moving a house from one place to another is not an easy task but we are here for you. It can be a pressure and traumatic task. Easy Moves Muzaffarpur makes it easy for you. We are the country's leading packers and movers in Muzaffarpur with10+ years of experience as packers and movers in Muzaffarpur.

Movers and Packers Muzaffarpur, to make an online inquiry to Easy Moves Muzaffarpur fill in the details on a small form on the left to contact them using the contact information you provided. Give the information and relax. All remaining work will be done by our professional team Easy Moves Muzaffarpur.

Quality Assurance

We have won a large number of customers in the domestic and home market due to the admirable quality characteristics of our services. We, Packers and Movers Muzaffarpur promise our customers that our range of packing and transportation services is extremely sophisticated in the market to be offered as per customer's requirements. Also, Easy Moves International Packers and Movers Muzaffarpur's services are consistent, timely, and offered at the best prices.

Why Easy Moves International Packers and Movers in Muzaffarpur?

We simply deliver what we promise! Whether you're planning to move across town, across state lines, or even across the ocean, we're here to take the heavy load off your shoulders. Our main goal is to provide added value - additional services and unmatched in terms of quality and price, no matter where you choose to relocate. Start with a free instant quote for our moving services, then let us customize a plan to suit your specific needs.

Trading Company, Easy Moves International Packers and Movers - Muzaffarpur's motto are strictly on achieving a superior level of pattern execution by providing brilliant services.

We believe that our lives in this industry are trouble-free. Every one of our team members is well qualified, well disciplined, well educated, and fully committed to building and maintaining a long-term relationship with our customers by providing a quality service efficient and effective to ensure a safe and stress-free transfer of your property. We, the best packers, and movers in Muzaffarpur come highly recommended and are known for our superior customer service, on-time arrivals, and damage-free moves.

Customer Service will provide you with complete and detailed information about your move so there are no surprises later. Free online and on-site estimates. Our trucks are very clean and disinfected.

Why Choose Us:

Quality Service at Affordable Prices

We know you can always get your items delivered to your door when you need them, and at a price, you can afford. costs for packers and movers; Therefore, our well-trained clerk always tries to deliver your goods ahead of the scheduled time.

Free Estimate: Want to know the cost of Packers & Movers in Muzaffarpur before you hire them? You can contact us for a free estimate to plan your moving budget quickly and easily. Call now for a quick quote: +91-7979767957

100% Satisfied Customers

Our goal is to meet the expectations of our customers, customers who send their expensive and valuable items/goods at risk of breakage or damaged transport to your desired destination.

Muzaffarpur Shifting and Relocation Services

We shift your belongings quickly, safely, and efficiently, using quality packaging materials, well-trained staff, and the latest technology.

Easy Moves International Packers and Movers is an organization providing moving and packing services in Muzaffarpur for home moves, office moves, and domestic and international moves. We have been in the industry for 35 years and have earned a good position in the market by providing the highest quality packing and moving services in Muzaffarpur. Our services include:

  • Domestic Shifting
  • International Shifting
  • Vehicle Shifting
  • House Shifting
  • Office Shifting
  • Warehouse storage

Our Specializations in Muzaffarpur:

We have well-trained and professional staff. We are not only packers and shippers in the established industry, but we also make sure that our customers feel comfortable. No doubt you will worry about the consequences of traffic accidents, theft, etc. As trusted removal and packing industry, we offer insurance coverage for the best of your assets.

We have a 24/7 customer service and tracking department for your product information. We are the only leading best packers and movers in Delhi, NCR striving to enrich your experience by offering our services at the most normal prices. Our customers do not disappoint by choosing us. Ultimately, a happy customer makes us feel good, which increases our confidence in this business.

Easy Moves International Packers and Movers - Muzaffarpur

Muzaffarpur has a simple philosophy when it comes to moving and our brand name says the whole story. We have been part of the moving industry for 10+ years and are proud to be an ISO-certified company. We, the leading packers, and freight forwarders in Muzaffarpur have fine-tuned our services to make them as convenient and flexible as possible for you and that's because every single service we offer is designed by, our 4 guiding principles, is carried out namely:

Safety first: - We take all necessary measures to ensure that your belongings get from A to B just as they are. From packing your items to loading them, our carriers always make sure you feel completely safe.

Hassle-Free: This could be your absolute first step and warranted if you're a little apprehensive. But hey, there's no need to be stressed at all; We've been doing this for a while so you can be sure everything is going according to plan.

No move is too big or too small - In other words, whether you need a truckload packer to move just a few boxes or you're about to move your entire business, we'll get in on it, no matter how easy or difficult the task is.

Honest and open: With us, there is nothing in doubt. We stand for transparency and high quality. We will inform you in advance of all payments.

Most Trusted Easy Moves International Packers and Movers – Muzaffarpur

Easy Moves have offered a wide range of Muzaffarpur moving services for both residential and commercial relocations. the services are reliable, fast, and cheap. We pick up and deliver on time. Our moving service includes and consults the current rate table for packers and movers

About Muzaffarpur, History

Muzaffarpur District, "The Land of the Leechi", was created in 1875 for administrative reasons by splitting up the former Tirhut District. The current Muzaffarpur district was established in the 18th century and is named after Muzaffar Khan, an amil (revenue officer) under the British dynasty. Purbi Champaran and Sitamarhi districts to the north, Vaishali and Saran districts to the south, Darbhanga and Muzaffarpur districts to the east, and Saran and Gopalganj districts to the west surround Muzaffarpur. It has now gained international recognition for its delicious Shahi Leechi and China Leechi.

Of course, it is impossible to trace the history of this region to its most distant origins, but we can trace its strong legacy far back, all the way to the ancient Indian epic Ramayan, which still plays an important part in Indian civilization. To begin the legend, Rajarshi ruled Janak Videha, the mythological name for this entire region encompassing eastern Nepal and northern Bihar. Sitamarhi, a site in this region, has a Hindu Sacred Faith score of where Seeta (another name Vaidehi: The Princes of Videha) was brought to life from a clay pot while Rajarshi Janak tilled the soil.

Average Year-Round Weather and Climate in Muzaffarpur Bihar

In Muzaffarpur, the rainy season is oppressive and mostly cloudy, the dry season is mostly clear and it is hot year-round ranging in °F to 99 °F and rarely falling below 44 °F or above 107 °F

Based on the beach/pool score, mid-March to early May and mid to late October are the best times of year to visit Muzaffarpur for warm weather activities.

Muzaffarpur Average temperature

The summer season lasts for 3.1 months, from March 27 to June 29, with an average daily high temperature above 30°C. The hottest month of the year in Muzaffarpur is June with an average high temperature of 96°F and a low of 27°C. The cool season lasts for 1.9 months, from December 10 to February 7, with an average daily high temperature below 24°C.

The coldest winter month of the year in Muzaffarpur is January with an average low of 50°F and a high of 23°C.

Frequently Asked Questions - Easy Moves in Muzaffarpur

  1. Why should you choose Easy Moves International Packers and Movers Muzaffarpur?

    Easy Moves International Packers and Movers Muzaffarpur values the customer and their valuable belongings. We have the right car transporter who can load the car/bike at home in your presence and deliver it to your new location.

  2. What items should I not move with Easy moves?

    Packers and movers should not take extremely valuable, important, and expensive items such as jewellery, cash, deeds, passports, keys, licenses and items of sentimental value.

  3. Can I reserve in advance?

    Yes, to make a reservation in advance you can send a request for your shifting process by filling out the form on this page:

  4. Are you open 24 hours or is there a time limit?

    Easy Moves offers 24-hour availability. You can contact us via the online quick inquiry form or by telephone on +91-7979767957.

  5. What is the most famous thing about Muzaffarpur?

    Muzaffarpur is famous for Shahi Lychees and is known as the Kingdom of Lychees. Shahi-lychee becomes the fourth product from Bihar to receive the Geographical Indication (GI), after Jardalu mango, Katarni rice, and Magahi paan (betel leaf).

  6. What can be bought from Muzaffarpur?

    Motijheel is the main market in Muzaffarpur city, Bihar. In this market, you can find all kinds of things from clothes, accessories, books, shoes, jewellery, household products, street food and restaurants, and so on at very reasonable prices. The market is called the heart of Muzaffarpur.

  7. Is there an airport in Muzaffarpur?

    Muzaffarpur Airport is located in Muzaffarpur (next to NH 722 Muzaffarpur - Chhapra (Rewa Ghat)) in the state of Bihar, India.

  8. How to reach Muzaffarpur from Patna Airport?

    You can take an auto-rickshaw or a taxi from the airport to Mithapur Bus Station. The auto-rickshaw costs around ₹30 per person and the taxi can increase depending on the price, but no more than ₹150. From there, shuttle buses will take you to Muzaffarpur bus station, which means the bairiya bus stop. The bus fare is ₹100 per person for regular buses and ₹250 for AC buses. It's up to you what suits you. The distance from Patna to Muzaffarpur is only about 70 km. Bus times for Muzaffarpur are from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Branch Office

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